Time to think Ice Fishing!

If you know me at all, you know I live to ice fish…just something about finding and landing fish through a 6″-8″ hole on a giant lake, especially after fishing thousands and thousands of acres by boat all year long. Plus, I love the technological advantages that modern sonars and ice augers and some of the finest crafted rods in the world bring to the table. Not to mention warm clothing, snowmobiles and the comraderies that ice fishing brings. The […]

Higher Education

In the iconic 1967 movie “The Graduate”, Mr. McGuire pulls Ben aside and says “I have one word for you Ben…Plastics…There’s a great future in plastics…” Now, I don’t think Mr. McGuire was talking about ice fishing, but he may as well have been, as todays micro plastics have absolutely revolutionized hard water angling. From the tiniest tails to the larger craws and minnows, the injected scents and subtle movements give us an edge that can really take our winter […]