Proud to Announce…

Montana Fishing Outfitter Mike Howe joins Cabelas and Clam/Ice Team Pro Staffs   I am honored to announce the next step in my journey as an Outfitter, Guide and business owner here in Montana, having recently been selected for the Cabelas Pro Staff and the Clam/Ice Team Pro Staff. This is a culmination of nearly 12 years of tirelessly working in the industry with dozens of partners, sponsors, guides and outfitters and so begins a new era for the combined […]

One Lake Trouts journey in Flathead Lake

    A Lake Trout with a history, from Flathead Lake Montana A client caught this fish the other day, and just before I put it back, I noticed an old “Floy Tag” on its back. FWP did a lot of Lake Trout tagging in the late ’90’s right after Flathead Lake went through another historical change when the Mysis shrimp arrived from upstream. This tag was black and blending in with the dorsal fin. I pulled the tag trying […]