Ice Fishing Tournaments, Product Representation and MORE!

While the fishing charter business is the core business, Mike and Cindy were already involved in several other activities before taking over the reigns of A Able. Our LLC, Howe About Montana, was started with all these other activities in mind.


Perch Assault Logo


The Perch Assault Tournament began in 2006, with co-founder Chancy Jeschke. Since that time, Mike and Cindy have completed over 20 events in Montana. Over $60,000 worth of cash payouts and $50,000 in prizes have been collected and awarded back to the anglers participating in the events. Based on the standard two-person team concept, these tournaments have become the gold standard for ice fishing tournaments in Montana.  Respected for the integrity, camaraderie and consistency, an overall average of 50 teams per event have participated since the inception.  It has been through these tournaments that the Howe’s have developed business relationships with many of the top company names in the industry. The enjoyment of putting on these tournaments led to the developing and promoting of an entirely new ice fishing tournament concept that Mike and Cindy are bringing to the core of the ice belt for 2014. Contact us at 406-249-0556 or



Ice Duels

Ice Duels was first conceptualized by Mike after the final Perch Assault round of 2012. He was contemplating the future of the series when he hit on the idea of an entirely new concept, based on a double elimination, sports tournament type of ice fishing tournament. After the 2013 Perch Assault series came to a close, Mike decided to develop the Ice Duels format, but it would not be a Montana tournament, it needed to be promoted in the heart of the ice fishing belt. In 2013/2014, 5 Ice Duels events will be conducted in MN, SD and WI. Contact us for more information at 406-249-0556 or Mike at

The Wilcraft

The Wilcraft is an amphibious ice fishing vehicle designed and manufactured in North St. Paul, Minnesota, where they know a thing or two about ice fishing! Mike first met one of the company principals while attending the St Paul ice fishing show in 2010 and fell in love with the idea and the vehicle. Perfect for NW Montana’s fickle ice conditions early and late in the year, Mike vowed then and there that someday soon, he would develop the Montana franchise for this company. In late 2012 Mike attained a lightly used Wilcraft and became knowledgeable and proficient with the vehicles performance and construction. Soon after he established Montana’s first and only Wilcraft dealership. Everywhere the Wilcraft goes, it is met with extreme interest and has been a major draw at all the sport mans expo’s the Howe’s attend. For the 2013 season, three Wilcrafts are available for immediate purchase through Howe About Montana, LLC, with financing available through Glacier Bank Montana. Please contact us at 406-249-0556 or email

The Tackle Truck

After a very successful second place showing by Mike and Cindy at the 2013 NAIFC tournament in West Yellowstone Montana, Mike was approached by Beam Outdoors to be the companies sales rep in Montana. Since Mike had already established the Wilcraft dealership, and was intrigued by a couple of their co-operative agreements, he decided to try his hand at product representation. In May of 2013 Mike visited 10 different tackle retailers and buyers throughout the state, attempting to enlist retailers to stock Beam Outdoors, Striker Ice, Perch Assault Rods and several other brands of ice fishing tackle. Of these 10, only 2 actually realized the value of the ice angling product lines.  The story was the same at most of the places Mike visited…”There just isn’t any money in ice fishing”. Even after several of the buyers committed to carrying some of the product, only two actually stepped up and completed their orders. Mike knew that the interest and buying power of the ice fishing segment was there, so he decided to put HIS money where his mouth is. With the cooperation of many of the vendors that Mike was repping for, he committed to a mobile tackle sales event that will take him to 4 major Montana cities in November 2013 with a truck full of the hottest brands and products available for the season. Watch for it in Great Falls, Helena, Billings and Bozeman. The concept worked for Johnny Morris of Bass Pro shops back in the 60’s and look where he is today!


Mike has always been a great safety advocate, both in his 8 years in the Air Force working with fighter and helicopter pilots personal flight gear, and in his 23 years with the US Postal Service. He carries this commitment over to his ice fishing as well. Having fallen through the ice twice, once while riding his ATV, he has come to realize that crossing ice for recreation shouldn’t be a deadly risk. Mike and Cindy have committed to making products available that increase personal safety as well as protecting the machinery that many anglers use. And it is not just ice anglers that recreate on ice. Cross country skiers, trappers and hunters, snowmobilers and dog sledders all take a risk while crossing ice.

Montana Ice Safety Systems represents and retails a multitude of systems to increase your safety on ice.  From the previouslymentioned Wilcraft, to J-Wheelz systems to increase traction and add flotation to your ATV, to the Nebulus Systems to float any ATV or snowmobile, to the Striker Ice clothing systems, M.I.S.S. can help you select the right products for your exact needs. Mike and Cindy are committed to the concept that on ice recreation doesn’t have to be a life or death situation. Please call or email for more information.

We can be contacted a number of ways. Please call 406-257-5214 or email us at for general information or use the unique contacts for the individual items above. We hope you have enjoyed learning about all our different projects and involvements and we look forward to hearing from you SOON!