The Power of Video!


Seen any good fishing videos lately?  I sure have!  I have to admit, with the short ice season, and now a mild spring with very low lake levels, I have been watching a little more TV and internet than normal, but I like to think that that time is not wasted.  I consider it MY continuing education (wonder if any of those fees might be tax deductible?) in an environment where I never stop seeking that next hot tip or tactic that can put my clients on more fish!

Sure, we all grew up with Bill Dance and Jimmy Houston, two Hall of Famers, and their Saturday morning TV shows.  Then with the advent of The In-Fisherman and all their video series, our VCR’s (and then DVD players) brought us to many different places, for many different species.  But nothing compares to the volumes of videos that are available to us on You Tube, company web sites and fishing pro’s who travel the world and share their adventures with us, at the click of a button.

I categorize all the videos in two ways…educational or entertaining.  Not that you can’t learn a thing or two from an “entertainment” video, like a Bill Dance blooper reel, but I tend to stick more to the educational type ones.  For instance, when I bought a new side imaging sonar last year, I immersed myself in videos specific to this technology.  But this last winter, I found myself watching two series that really captivated me on several levels.

One is a video series on You Tube that was the brainchild of the guy who produces and stars in a series called “Uncut Angling”.  UA is one of those series that is very entertaining AND educational, and I just appreciate how this young man approaches his craft.  The series is called “39 Hours” and was produced with cooperation of Travel Manitoba.  The series follow three teams, as they compete in separate areas of North America, for a LONG weekend of competition, scoring one point for the longest fish of any legal species, through five, 8 hour segments, all confirmed via video.  It is a MUST watch, as entertaining as it is educational.

The other series is called “Perch Pro 2016” from the folks at on You Tube and follows European teams as they catch those big European Perch, with Perch regularly exceeding one Kilogram (2.2 pounds)!  They employ many different strategies, from fly fishing to throwing BIG rubber baits, and the characters are very entertaining as well. They do use the “F” word quite a bit, as the Europeans seem to have an entirely different perspective of that word than we Americans do.  Kanalgratis produces dozens and dozens of videos, with world class production values and obviously high budgets.  In fact, Uncut Angling and Kanalgratis have even joined forces and co-produced several videos together, and as you can imagine, these were also well worth watching.

There are many ways to expand your existing skills, or learn new ones.  As I wrote in my last column, seminars are one piece of the puzzle, as is hiring a guide to help you advance learning curves on a specific body of water.  Online videos are an important resource that all anglers can benefit from, on your own time, in the comfort of your easy chair.  I hope you enjoy the two I have mentioned here.

Local lakes that have been fishing well include the Yellow Perch bite down on East Bay.  The weather has been co-operating lately and this bite should last well until the end of the month.  Don’t forget, a CSKT tribal fishing license is required.  The Grayling and Cutthroat bite on Lake Rogers has also begun, but the water is still pretty low, so be careful.  I’ll see you on the water!