Trophy Rainbows

16.5# 34" Rainbow

16.5# 34″ Rainbow


It’s that time of year again!  Every spring, we get super excited about the possibility of catching TROPHY Gerrard Rainbow Trout on Little Bitterroot Lake.  Clay was up there this week, and although the water temps are still a little low, and the water was super rough, they hooked into a giant!  After about a 15 minute battle, the fish took advantage of the rough conditions and spit the hook on a slack line!

That has me pumped about the next couple of weeks and we will be hitting it hard every chance we get.  If you are interested in booking a trip, give us a call.  We offer half day trips, so if conditions are not right, you are not forced into a full day of fishing.  Bring at least 3 other guys so we can take advantage of the two lines per person law and fish maximum lines.  BIG Kokanee salmon are always a bonus on this lake so, lets GO fishing!

Cooler of Kokanee