Fall is in the Air!




WOW, has Summer really ended and is Fall really here? I’m kinda kidding myself I know, but it has been an amazing year, a year that validated everything we are trying to be about. But, let’s talk about fishing, shall we?

As Fall settles in, we are finding very active Lake Trout along the shorelines. In fact, time of day, what day, weather, nothing seems to be mattering so if you just want to go catch Lake Trout, now thru the end of November is a great time. Oh yes, we fish the big lake until the roads start to get icy or it just gets too cold. BUT, we also have other stuff going on too. Just because our boats are no longer in the Marina doesn’t mean we are taking the rest of the year off!

The Flathead River is loaded with Lake Superior Whitefish right now, and we move up and down the river in style chasing these fish. Chancy’s 20’ Lund Alaskan is a roomy, casting machine and really makes a day on the river enjoyable.

The big Kamloop (or Gerard) Rainbows are getting real active and we fish Little Bitterroot Lake for them in November. This is multi line, side-planer surface trolling and we cover water! Kokanee are an added bonus, especially if conditions are not right for the ‘bows. Not a prettier quiet lake around in the fall.

Lastly, you will want to book your ice fishing trips soon. This is a service we offer like no other. Ice fishing is exploding all across the northern states and we are at the cutting edge of modern ice angling. From our early ice fishing trips using our Wilcraft amphibious vehicles, to mid winter excursions for your large group we have the shelters, sonars, cameras and comfortable base camps to make your time on the ice unforgettable, fun and productive.

Gift certificates are available for any of the services we offer and make a great holiday gift. We look forward to seeing you soon!



PS: Check out our latest expansion into the fishing world, a new tournament series we are bringing to MN, SD and WI this winter.   www.iceduels.com
Mike and Cindy Howe