Tribes drop the GILLNETTING bomb! (Montana FWP says NO THANK YOU!)



Well, we have know this was coming for a long time, but the CSKT and the BIA have released the EIS regarding gillnetting Flathead lake. I have attached the link to the document (635 pages) as well as Fish Wildlife and Parks response to it.  The important thing to note here is that, as I understand it, the funding would be provided by the Bonneville Power Administrations fish mitigation funds. This plan asks for up to over $900,000 ANNUALLY to string up to almost 500,000 feet of gillnets across Flathead Lake. This would impact the $20.1 MILLION dollar Flathead Lake fishery by over 11%…so we are looking at a $3 MILLION dollar total impact to engage in the foolishness annually….


I want to encourage EVERYONE to look at the facts, and make your comments known.  And PLEASE don’t just comment to the folks proposing the plan, but send your comments to our Governor, our director of FWP and to your congressman and senators. A letter to the BPA would also be a good idea. I will be providing continual updates here, and how to comment and to who.  In the mean time, please read the documents and familiarize yourself so you can see what this all means…




Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks response to plan to gillnet Flathead Lake