Montana Trout Fishing update



Flathead Valley fishing, especially the trout fishing, in Flathead Lake and other waters in the shadows of Glacier National Park is in full spring swing!

Runoff from the high country causes rivers and streams to swell and muddy up. Trout anglers look to local lakes, which by and large are open to trout fishing year round, even with opening day only days away. As the surface temps warm rapidly, insect activity brings fish to the surface and it is game on!

This is the time of year that I start focusing on one of my favorite trout and salmon lakes in Northwest Montana, Little Bitterroot Lake. As surface temperature reaches the 48-52 degree range, an entire food web event begins to take place. This is planer board fishing for some of the state’s largest rainbow trout.

The Kamloops (or Gerrard strain) Rainbows feed aggressively on Kokanee Salmon that are surface feeding on insect hatches…and a well-placed spread of trolling flies and surface plugs reward our clients with fat Rainbow Trout averaging 6-8 pounds.

7 pound rainbow


Kamloops rainbows over 15 pounds are regularly caught by anglers in our “network” and we maintain an almost daily conversation with these fishermen. The Kokanee salmon fishery is also tremendous at this time and we always have a couple lines in the water targeting the largest kokanee.  A 7.1 pound Kokanee was caught last May by one of our “network” anglers and it could just as easily been you!

Call us now (406-257-5214) and get your trip on our calendar or at least get on our standby list. This fishery peaks for a short, 2-3 week period and we have only a limited number of trips we can offer to this lake so don’t wait! When it hits its stride, it’s one of our most popular trips. Trout fishing in Montana with A Able Fishing Charters and Tours…where we “make memories happen”.