ICE fishing report!


Well, it’s Dec 27th and while most of our area lakes have not yet frozen solid, we have several that are offering some great fishing. We have begun taking folks out ice fishing and we are excited about what this season has in store.  We have some new “toys” from Marcum and are offering ice fishing trips featuring the “wilcraft” (for 2 person or less trips).

Today I went to lower Stillwater Lake (near Olney) and am happy to report 5-6″ of ice and a good, hard surface (NO slush). This was in the lower part of the lake, so I can’t speak to the islands area, but there were several folks fishing out there.

Rogers Lake has about 7″ of ice and the grayling and cutthroat are offering some fun fishing.

Smith Lake has good ice and the Sunriser Lions Derby is this weekend, the 29th.  LOTS of pike being caught so prepare for that with heavy mono or braid leaders and standard pike fare.  If targeting perch, you will get bit off, but the perch are nice sized this year.  An underwater camera comes in handy in situations like this!

McWenniger Slough is fishing well for crappie, perch and bass, with the occasional pike. Church Slough has also recently gotten fishable ice.

Lake Five has about 5″ of ice, but the bite is slow according to reports.

Lastly, several of the reservation lakes around Pablo have good ice and are fishing well for perch, pike and bass.  Contact Dick Zimmer at Zimmer tackle for better info on those lakes.

We would love to introduce you to the world of ice fishing this winter or help you fine tune some existing skills, including on water sonar instruction. Give us a call anytime, as Pro Staffers for Snappy’s and several leading companies, we are here to help!

REMEMBER, ice conditions can change rapidly, these reports are only to give you some updates, you must assume all ice is unsafe until YOU confirm it.  See you on the ice, BE SAFE!

Mike and Cindy Howe