Fishing Tip of the Week


“I keep on Searchin’”

One of the simplest and fastest way’s to determine if fish are in the area, (and most importantly feeding), is to use what is dubbed a “search lure”.

In its simplest form, a search lure is something that makes a commotion and attracts fish in to investigate.  It may not be what the fish will ultimately strike, but it draws them in.  Once you have the fish close, you may change the lure to something smaller, quieter and less intrusive.

A classic example of a search lure is Rapala’s Clackin’ Rap.  It’s heavy, and gets down quick.  It’s noisy so it sends much more than a visual signal. And to a predator fish, it’s so often irresistible. You might find that it brings a big toothy pike or lake trout in so fast you don’t even have time to do anything except set the hook! And that will put a smile on your toothy mug that will last most of the day!

The 1-2 punch!

But what if the intended target pulls up short?  Well, that’s when you have to throw the change up.  On your second rod, you have something a little smaller, a little more subtle to present to a curious but doubting fish.  Maybe it’s a smaller Jigging Rap with a minnow head.  Or something even smaller…  Don’t wait too long trying to get the big guy to take that search bait, be ready to offer the morsel before you lose the element of surprise.

Try this tactic the next time you are running and gunning an area and try your hand at using search lures to surprise a large predator fish. You’ll be glad you did.