Bozeman, MT Ice Fishing Event Schedule




Please join me at the Wholesale Sports store in Bozeman, MT on Sunday December 9th for a fun ice fishing get together.  Meet fellow ice fishing enthusiasts, take advantage of in store specials and maybe even learn a thing or two at the seminars.  I will just be returning from the St. Paul Ice Fishing show and hopefully some North Dakota early ice fishing.  I hope to see you there!

Sunday Schedule

12:00-12:30PM- Meet and Greet


Join Flathead area Outfitter and Perch Assault tournament co-founder, Mike Howe for an exciting ice fishing presentation called “Ice Fishing  2013, Back to Basics”.  Mike will cover the basics everyone needs to know before hitting the ice, and look at new techniques and equipment.  See how far ice fishing has come, and where things are going in the future.  Electronics, shelters, clothing and more will be discussed with plenty of demonstrations as well. This seminar will last approx. I hour and 15 mins.


Mike will present a seminar entitled “Maximizing your Electronics”. Join Mike as he explains how to choose, and use, the right electronics for your Ice Fishing use.  A member of the Marcum Pro-Staff, Mike will explain why “Flasher” style sonars rule the ice fishing world, and look at some recent technological advances in fishing electronics that may change that.  New advances in electronics will be discussed, and GPS, underwater cameras, critical transducer set-up and care will also be covered.  Approx. 1 hour