“Cool” news!



Hello Fishing Friends,

I just returned from a very special meeting in Minnesota and I am extremely honored to be selected as a Pro Staffer for Ice Force.  What IS Ice Force you say?  Well it is the combination of ice fishing’s most prestigious brands, assembled into one powerhouse company.  Rapala, one of the finest names in all of fishing, has knitted brands like StrikeMaster, Marcum Technologies, Otter Outdoors, Polaris and more into a blanket that covers almost every possible need in the ice fishing world.

Marcum Technologies is leading the way with the most technologically advanced sonars and underwater cameras.  Made in the USA, charging into the digital age and most importantly, listening to fishing professionals and everyday consumers alike.  If you are in the market for an ice fishing sonar or camera, look no further than Marcum Technologies.

StrikeMaster Ice Augers, long the leader in offering the most reliable, easy to use augers on the market.  They were the first to offer a 4 stroke auger, the Strike-Lite. The Solo brand power heads took the market by storm a couple of years ago, with the most advanced two stroke, German engineered engines on the market. Light, powerful and reliable, they are the choice of pro anglers and guides everywhere.  This year, the new Honda powered Strike Lite moves the bar to a new height.  Light weight, clean burning and quiet, it just might be the last auger you will ever buy!

Otter portable shelters, built on the toughest sled base on the market.  The innovative designs coupled with the strongest frames on the market make this shelter almost indestructible. These have no equal on the market today, compare them side by side to any of the other brands on the market and you will choose Otter.

Polaris snowmobiles, quads and side by sides…VMC hooks, Suffix line…the list goes on and on.  Pro anglers and guides, guys and gals who make their living on the water demand the most from their equipment and the brands of Ice Force deliver.  I know…substandard gear doesn’t cut it and has NO place in my boats or ice fishing trailer.  Hey, we’ve all been there…buying and trying things that just don’t cut it.

To be included in the first group of recognized leaders in the field as an Ice Force Pro Staffer is humbling but also something I have worked very hard for. I look forward to representing this group as well as ALL Montana ice anglers in the years to come.  When you see me on the ice this year, feel free to say hi and try out some of this gear.  Come to the in store appearances and seminars and pick my brain.  And by all means share your experiences and likes and dislikes with me.

This ice season, buy with confidence when you see the Ice Force brand. It’s truly the Pro’s choice.