Don’t give up on the Flathead Lake Whitefish just yet…


Many are saying that the Whitefish run on Flathead Lake is a bust again this year…but I am not convinced.  In fact, over the last three days, I have cleaned at least 6 lake trout whose bellies were bursting with 1/2″ perch.  It is these perch that the Lake Superior Whitefish key in on when they move into shallow water.  It is only in the last couple of days that I have seen these little guys in the lake trout bellies, so the Whitefish cant be far behind.

I have caught and cleaned these fish from the Delta area on down around Rollins Bay.  I am convinced that it is a timing thing, and the perch are just a little late this year.  The next week will prove me right or wrong, but I would say get out and start looking for the Lake Whitefish in the usual places starting this weekend.  When this bite gets going, we will be offering 4 hour jigging trips for up to 4 people for $300.  You clean your own fish.  Call now and reserve your spot on one of our boats, then call your buddies and invite them along!

See you out there!

Captain Mike