Macks Lure Smile Blades


One of the easiest ways to transform your fishing this summer is to add a smile to your favorite lure!  Macks Lure makes the Smile Blade in many sizes and colors and adding a larger size (2.8″ or 3.3″) to a hoochie, squid or trolling fly can make a good lure a GREAT lure.

Put a bead between the lure and the blade and hang on.  A smile blade will transform a Silver Horde Ace-Hi fly or a Petes Tackle Shop Mack Fly into a stand alone lure, no dodger required!

Try the chartruese blade and a green hoochie/squid or the glow blade with a white or glow fly.  The best thing about this set up is that you can troll s-l-o-w when the fish are negative and not have to worry about going fast enough to get the proper action from your dodger or flasher.

If you would rather just buy a ready made rig, get the Macks Lure 4″ Salmon Cha Cha squid.  I have netted over 30 fish with one of these in the last 10 days or so and it has held up great.  Good line and quality hooks make this one lure that you can just fish without worry. The powers that be that want to see the lake trout numbers lowered in Flathead should give these lures to every angler on Flathead Lake…they’re THAT good!