Flathead Lake Trophy Lake Trout


Yes, there are still some big lake trout left in Flathead, if you know where, when and how to fish for them!  We always strive to boat a big fish or two for our clients first thing in the charter, then we can move on to put some eaters in the box.  Of course, we work hard to meet our clients requests, whether it is only for a fish of a lifetime, or meat for the freezer, or as is most often the case, a little of both.


This fish came off an Ace Hi fly (www.silverhorde.com) in 150′ of water and was brought to the Frabill net with a custom Fetha Styx Chrome Series 8′ 6″ downrigger rod by Robert Mueller of Georgia.  The fish was 14 1/2 pounds and taped at 34.5″.  This is in the slot on Flathead and was released unharmed. Well done Robert, who else wants to go catch trophy lake trout?