Fetha Styx Fishing Rods


A Fine Montana Rainbow Trout and the Fetha Styx rod that subdued her.

I have had a chance to fish several of the Fetha Styx rods now and all I can say is WOW!  I have had the Chrome Series FS-ST-963-2C rod in the boat for a while now, and while I have been using it in the downrigger, it’s when the fish is hooked that that no longer matters.

The quality of construction is quite evident, and this is their “value” line…The feel of the rod, the way you can feel every movement of the fish and the fact that is designed, built and finished in the USA has me sold on Fetha Styx.

I am looking forward to fishing the “built for Flathead” Chrome Series downrigger rod that Fetha Styx built from and for my input but I can already tell there will be more of these in my boat very soon.

Yesterday, I got to fish a couple of the “Homewater” series rods…WOW factor over the top!  The Homewater Series rods I got to try were the FS-HW-SH-922-2C Steelhead Casting Rod and the FS-HW-SH-981-2S Spinning Rod. While the spinning rod is an ultra light Steelhead rod made for throwing small baits across big rivers, and feeling every tick of the small jig as it bounces along the bottom of the river bed, it actually can cover a lot more work than that.

Of the two, it’s the spinning rod that now resides in my rod rack, and it will not leave that rack until I get a case for it. It is the first ULTRA premium rod I have ever owned and I intend to treat it with the care it deserves!

If you are at that point in life where quality trumps price and you are ready for a rod unlike any you have owned before, you must check out the Fetha Styx line. Salmon, Steelhead, and Bass specialty rods, as well as freshwater models made for a broad spectrum, they have a rod for you. And NO, you can’t borrow ANY of mine…