Bitterroot Lake Fishing


7 pound rainbow

Took Bill Boyce and Mark Spada from Fetha Styx rods up to Bitterrot on Friday. The wind forecast for Lake Trout fishing on Flathead Lake was not looking good, and the guys wanted to fish for Rainbow Trout and Kokanee Salmon anyway. Bill brought a couple of Fetha Styx rods to try out, so we hooked up my Raider Boat Company 2484 Sea Raider and off we went.

Trolling planer boards made by a friend and using Riviera Trolling Company Planer reels we hooked into a nice 7.5 pound rainbow within the first hour, right as the chop really started to form on the water. The fish hit a Captain Andy’s white streamer fly on the surface, about 150 feet behind the board. I cleared the line and handed Bill the new Chrome Series 9’6″ Steelhead model rod that I have been fishing for the last month or so.

With the drag set very lightly, and using the power of my new favorite rod, Bill brought the fish to the net handily. Mark had the video running the entire time, and after some photo’s we weighed, measured, bled and iced the fish. It weighed 7 pounds 5 ounces and taped right at 26 inches. Not the biggest fish in the lake, but a great start to the day.

We only caught one more rainbow, a little guy, but we netted our limit of bigger kokanee and a few more under the regulation as well. The wind blew hard most of the late morning so we moved to the east side of the lake to get a little break from it. We were into fish, but they were not feeding over in that area. We wrapped it up around 12:30.

All in all a decent morning of fishing with a couple guys I am glad I got to know! The fish were in the brine by 6:00PM and will be on their way to the guys early in the week. They were impressed with the Double Spin Kokanee lures made by my good friend Pete Jellar of Petes Tackle here in Kalispell, so I gave them each a few to take home and fish. We caught most of our Kokanee on those lures, they do catch the Kokanee! Bill also got a couple of Petes Walleye harnesses to try out this weekend as well. (Pete, I need some re-stocking buddy!)

Looking forward to fishing the new downrigger rod Bill built for me this week on Flathead Lake as we have several trips on the books for early this week. (Not sure how the bet worked out between Bill and Mark for the biggest Kokanee, I’m sure it will be a topic of discussion between them for some time…)